Hi, My name is Zachary Cooper and Welcome to Coopers Computer Repair. I wanted to tell you guys that I am this awesome person who knows a lot about computers. I have been working on computers  since 2002 when my mom gave me a broken laptop with windows 95 on it. From then on I have just not been able to put it down. Most of my knowledge comes from breaking my own PC to and then fixing it.

I have worked on government PC’s, personal PC’s, Laptops, and Macintosh/Apple. I have also done some work on iPads and iPhones but that was strictly software, but if you need help I am not going to say No. (I will try to help or find someone that can.)

There is no problem to big and no problem too small so give me a call or please e-mail and I would gladly like to help you.

Thank you.



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